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Swim periods - an example year

June 29th to July 9th 11 day period - This is a set of neap tides (tides are all below 6.1 mtrs). The water temperature is likly to be 15/16°C increasing at this time if year but the days are long, sunny and usually settled and. A good time for relays and for swimmers who are used to cold water.

July 17th to July 23th 7 day period -This is a set of Neap tides (tides are below 6.1 mtrs) The water temperature should be rising a little warmer in this period and the weather is usually settled. The beginning of the popular periods.

July 24th to July 28th 5 days - This is low springs. The water is usually 17°C + and warm in this period and the weather is usually warm and good . A popular period for the faster swimmers.

July 29th to August 7th 10 days of neap tides . Water temperature is 17 °C and the air temperature is usually good One of the most popular period for swimmers although the weather can be unsettled

August 16th to August 22th 7 days of neap tides . Water temperature is 17 / 18°C and the air temperature is usually good although the days are getting shorter One of the most popular period for swimmers right in the middle of the season.

August 29th to September 4th 7 days of neap tides . Water temperature is 18 °C but the air temperature is beginning to drop. Short days and setting in although the weather is often quite settled. Still a popular period for swimmers.

September 14th to September 20th.7 days of neap tides between high springs. Water temperature is at its best but the days are getting short.Usually the last tide of the year for overseas swimmers.

27rd September to 3rd October 7 days - The water is usually still warm (18/19°C) but the days are getting very short and the sun is loosing its heat. Still swimmable and the weather is usually good but this period is around the time of the equinox and it can be windy.

Approximate 2010 neap tides
19th to 30th June
1st to 10th July
19th to 27th July
1st to 8th August
17th to 24th August
30th to 6th September
14th to 22nd September
29th September to 4th October

Approximate tides for 2011 are
Last week of June to 1st July
7th to 18th July
21st to 29th July

7th to 12th August
20th to 27th August
5th to 10th September
18th to 24th September

Approximate Neap tides for 2012 are:
26th to 30th June 2012
10th to 18th July 2012
26th to 31st July 2012
8th to 16th August 2012
25th to 29th August
7th to 14th September 2012
23rd to 27th September 2012

The system for booking priority is that the pilots each book 4 places per pilot per set of Neap tides .
These are in priority of number 1 first down to number 4 and it is the order in which the swimmers are offered a chance to swim.
The Swimmers ability and wishes are all different and Channel swimming is very dependant on the weather so if the first swimmer in line is offered the chance to swim and says no we will offer that place to the next in line - and so on until someone accepts the offer or everyone has turned it down.
On the next good swim day we start with the first in line again and offer the swim to the swimmers in priority until the position is accepted.
This system means that the number 1 person can choose the day they want to swim on but if they decline to swim other swimmers get the option offered to them.

Pilot direct contact information
The pilot and pilot boat information is on the web sites. & .
The pilots are --
Mike & Lance Oram ----
Paul Foreman ------------
Chris Osmond -----------
Eddie Spelling -----------
Neil streeter --------------

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