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This document is an on-line survey. You can fill out the questionnaire, giving your opinion on a number of things such as -- how you find the web-site.

1) Please tell us about yourself

Your Last Name:
Your First Names:

Please put me on your email list for contacts.

Please do not put me on your email list for contacts.

2) Please tell us about your reason for visiting our site.

  • How did you find/hear about the site.

  • What sections are you interested in?
    UK/European swims
    USA swims
    Are you a swimmer
    Are you over 40 years old
    Are you involved in long distance open water swimming
    Other (please specify):

3) Please tell us about your use of the World Wide Web

  • What browser do you usually use when working on the Web?

  • Is your primary Internet/Web connection:
    At work At home Other (please specify):

  • How much time per week do you spend on the Web?

  • How is the above time is spent
    Looking for information that can help you in your hobbies/leisure time
    Looking for information on work/commercial products/services
    Interacting with other people on the Internet (hobby groups, friends, chat, etc)
    Researching work & hobby topics
    Browsing for entertainment purposes

  • Are you happy with the site content
    Yes No

  • Will you visit the site regularly
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Thank you for completing this survey!

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