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Butlins Channel Races (1950)
Other lists to be added later.

Lists of successful solo & relay English Channel swims

A full list of all the successful CS&PF solo and relay swims to the end of 2007 can be found on the CS&PF web site See the "Records" page

We have a database with a lot more information on it in our office. The results found here are an abridged version of the information we hold.

The Successful swims from the 1950's Butlin's English Channel races can be accessed from the heading in the left hand column

The buttons -Solo Name - Solo Year - Solo time - are the swim lists from Mathew Web in 1875 to December 31st 1999. They in the 3 different sorting modes (as labled) --- The same system is used for the - relay - buttons

The lists on this page are of the successful solo & relay English Channel swims to date. To the best of our knowledge the lists are of all the recognised Channel swims to date. They are sorted into solo & relays by name & solo & relays by date. Our database can sort other variations on the lists should you require something special. Please e-mail to michael.oram@btinternet.comand we will try to answer your requests.

Where are you now?
We are starting a Swimming Scrapbook and trying to fill the gaps in the database records If you have swum the Channel or know someone who has, successful or unsuccessful, let us know all about it and help us update the gaps in our records.

The lists are long and require time to download - please allow extra time depending on the speed of your modem and computer.

If you need further information ask us - we might be able to help from our office databases.

English Channel swim records from all the successful swim to December 2007
Record Name Year Time - Info
Channel Champion Alison Streeter MBE (UK) 43 crossings
Queen of the English Channel Alison Streeter MBE (UK) 43 crossings
King of the English Channel Kevin Murphy (UK) 34 crossings
Fastest person Petar Stoychev (Bulgaria) E/F 2007 06.57.50
Fastest person F/E Richard Davey (UK) 1988 08.05
Fastest woman Yvetta Hlavacova (Czech rep) E/F 2006 07.25: 15
Fastest woman F/E Alison streeter MBE (UK) 1989 08.48
Oldest man George Burnstad (USA) 2004 15.59 (70 yrs 4 days)
Oldest woman Linda Ashmore (UK) 2007 15.11 (60yrs 10m 4day)
Youngest person Thomas Gregory (UK) 1988 11.54 (11yrs 11 months)
Youngest girl Samantha Druce (UK) 1983 15.28 (12 yrs 118 days)
Longest time (solo) Henry Sullivan (USA) E/F 1923 26.50
Longest time (2-way) Antonio Abertondo (Arg) 1961 43.10
Fastest 2-way Plil Rush (NZ) E/F/E 1987 16.10
Fastest 2-way woman Susie Maroney (Australia) 1991 17.14
Fastest 2-way F/E/F Phil Rush (NZ) 1987 20.26
Fastest 3-way Phil Rush (NZ) 1987 28.21
1st man 3-way Jon Erikson (USA) 1981 38.27
1st woman 3-way Alison Streeter E/F/E/F 1990 34.40
Fastest Breaststroke swim Fredrik Jacques (Belgium) 2005 13.31
Fastest Butterfly Swim Julia Bradshaw (UK) 2002 14.18
Fastest Backstroke swim Tina Neil (USA) 2005 13.22
Relay records
Fastest relay US National Swim Team 1990 06.52
Fastest relay 2-way US National Swim Team 1990 14.18
1 st relay 4-way E/F/E/F/E Sun Rice Australia 1993 43.07
Fastest relay 4-ways Sport City Mexico 2007 42.11
Fastest relay 2-way F/E/F Sun Rice Australia 1993 20.40
Fastest relay 3-way E/F/E/F Sport City Mexico E/F/E/F 2007 30.07
Fastest relay 3-way F/E/F/E Sun Rice Australia 1993 32.24
Fastest junior relay Lada Ireland Junior Team 1978 08.40
Fastset junior relay F/E BLDSA Junior members 1984 08.46
Fastest Ladies 2-way Altmar 66K (Mexico) 2007 30.07

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